It’s now even easier – and less costly – to start your own great business with CleanMyBed

Times are tough, but franchising is all about creating opportunities – especially ones which benefit both sides of a partnership. We understand the barriers to starting a business, and how they can make people more hesitant and cautious, which is why CleanMyBed are now offering to share the load with this fantastic opportunity.

The team over at the CleanMyBed franchise have been talking to their suppliers and stake holders here in the UK about finding ways to offer better value for your hard-earned cash.

A combination of reduced supplier costs and the decision to invest even more of their own funds into growing the franchise in the UK, means that CleanMyBed have now been able to greatly reduce your costs to opening a franchise with them in your area.

Instead of £15,000, the licence fee for your own CleanMyBed franchise is now just £7,850 – a saving of nearly 50%!

You’ll still be getting everything included in the original package – visit the CleanMyBed investment page to learn more – except now the franchisor will be covering just under half of the cost. Just to sweeten the deal, the team will also be helping you out during the most critical time for your new business by waiving many of your initial costs.

There will be ZERO Minimum Management Service Fees, and NO equipment, insurance and software fees during the first three months, meaning you can enjoy greatly reduced overheads during this most critical time for your new business.

We want to make this package as accessible as possible to the right kind of people, and if that means making you a deal, then we consider that an investment worth making.

What this means for you…

Quite simply, this means you’ll be saving more than £7,000 to be a part of this low-cost franchise, with very low overheads; no premise requirements and no van required, that will support you throughout and can quickly get you started on the road to some fantastic returns on your investment.

Why don’t we have a chat and I can take you through some more information about this new deal and how it might work for you?

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