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Allergy is now the most common chronic disease in Europe.

AllergyUK estimates around 12 million Brits now suffer from allergies caused by dust mites in what is now being called an “epidemic of home fever”. These can be found all around the home, but 60% of dust mites can be found in your bed. While symptoms vary in severity, even those with mild allergies will experience persistent rhinitis and poor sleep as a result of contact with the faecal matter left behind by dust mites.

Pretty disgusting to think of that in your bed, right? Well, it’s completely natural, and nothing to be ashamed of, but you don’t want to let it build up.

The service provided by CleanMyBed has been shown to greatly reduce the triggers that cause these allergies, as well as provide much needed peace of mind. Of course, it’s not just allergy sufferers who can benefit from what CleanMyBed operatives can do – it is aimed at anyone who has a bed, which is everyone!

Everyone is affected by these allergens even if they never display extreme symptoms. Dry nasal passages, difficulty breathing at night, waking up feeling exhausted… all problems which can be alleviated by using our service. As a result, our customers span a huge range of age, gender, cultural and geographical demographics, and our service appeals to a number of businesses, including retirement homes, hotels, boarding schools, student residences, apartment complexes, and even yacht charters.

Changing perceptions & improving lives

How the public views the concepts of health and wellbeing has changed following the pandemic, and how we take care of ourselves has become more important than ever. Even the most fit and healthy among us can no longer take our health for granted and there is increased interest in improving our physical and mental wellbeing in as many ways as possible.

This may be a relatively new concept in the UK market, but once customers understand the positive effect it can have on their lives – and on their business, if they are in a relevant sector – it soon becomes a real no brainer. Customers become mesmerized by the impact of the service, and wonder why it wasn’t around years ago!

Above all, our service is premium in mindset, but also uncompromisingly affordable. We want this to be available to anyone, and we believe it will soon become as normal as any other home or personal service – one that will continue to add incredible value to customers’ lives, and will continue to offer you fantastic revenue for many years to come.

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