What’s included with a CleanMyBed franchise and how much could you earn?

In most of my recent emails, I’ve talked about how new and innovative the CleanMyBed service is, and how it has the potential to take the UK by storm in that same way it already has in South Africa. Hopefully, by now, you have a very good idea of how it works and what a unique and interesting opportunity this franchise represents.

So, time to get down to the nitty gritty!

What do you get when you invest in a CleanMyBed franchise?

Joining the CleanMyBed franchise costs just £7,850 plus VAT.

Why so inexpensive when most franchises are at least £20k? It’s simply because the CleanMyBed team are just that confident that your franchise will be a success! After all, they’ve already proven how lucrative it can be in South Africa with dozens of franchisees and thousands of customers. Add in the low setup costs and low overheads of running the business, and it’s a pretty amazing deal.

For that investment, you will receive:

  • Permission to trade under their established brand
  • Full training in how to deliver the service
  • Access to suppliers of our specialised equipment
  • Kick-starter launch and ongoing online marketing
  • In-house admin software and outsourcing for your accounts
  • Your own exclusive territory with options to expand

How much can you expect to earn?

Thanks to the very low overheads involved in running this franchise, you can expect substantial profit margins. A great deal will always come down to you and just how hard you’re willing to work for it, of course, but you can reasonably expect a full return on your investment in 6-8 months, if not sooner.

You can see a more detailed breakdown of projected earnings on the website, but existing single operators working at capacity are enjoying pre-tax profits in excess of £6k per month. Of course, this franchise gives you the potential to eventually take on multiple operators in your territory, so earnings can scale up from there many times over.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Then why don’t we have a chat about how it might work for you? No pressure, just a friendly call to answer any questions you have and talk about how a CleanMyBed franchise might fit into your plans for the future. Just click the button at the bottom of this email to schedule a call.

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