Huge new deal proves to be the perfect Christmas gift for franchisees

Last month I sent you an email about how a CleanMyBed franchise allows you to tap into so much more than just the domestic market with some great examples of very lucrative commercial contracts you might win: at hotels, care homes, holiday lets.. you name it.

Well, here is proof of concept:

CleanMyBed franchisees in South Africa have just announced a partnership with SACS, one of the country’s leading private secondary schools, to clean the beds for all their boarders. For the school, this demonstrates their commitment to student wellness by putting their health first. For CleanMyBed, this represents fantastic year round business at a major institution.

This is a huge deal in and of itself, of course, but what makes it’s potential so huge is something else:

The Ripple Effect

There’s hundreds of boarders at the school, and hundreds of beds, but all those boarders also have beds at home. So do their families and friends. That few hundred beds are directly connected to thousands of other potential customers.

All of whom are seeing how a major institution is endorsing the CleanMyBed service, and learning about the benefits first hand. This is exactly the pattern we’re seeing right across the franchise in South Africa. A few years ago, this service was just as new there as it is now in the UK, but word spreads fast, and has now rippled out across the country, creating new customers wherever it spreads.

We’re starting to see exactly this pattern start to emerge here in the UK, too. Getting your foot in the door right at the start means you could be riding a wave of success for many years to come.

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Huge new deal proves to be the perfect Christmas gift for franchisees

Will your house be filled with unwanted guests this Christmas?

No, I don’t mean the in-laws! CleanMyBed may perform miracles in its own way, but the service doesn’t quite extend to cleaning out pesky relatives who’ve overstayed their welcome… not yet, anyway!

I’m talking about those pesky dust mites and everything they leave behind, all of which makes the season of coughs and colds all that much worse. They love this time of year when a warm, cozy bed is especially inviting.

Talking of guests – when was the last time you had the bed in your spare room cleaned?

You can bet that if you are thinking about this, plenty of other people are, too. Of course, CleanMyBed isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for all year round. As word spreads about this service, more and more people are understanding the benefits of a regular clean, and the more people use it, the further word spreads. It’s all about that same ripple effect.

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