Did you enjoy going back to work after the festive break?

First of all, let me wish you a very Happy New Year from me and everyone at CleanMyBed!

Now, let me ask you a question:

Did you enjoy going back to work after the holidays? Be honest.

It’s ok if you said “no” – you’re really not alone. Even the best job in the world can run its course, and the time comes to move on. If you’re really not in the best job, you’re probably desperate to make a change.

I understand that it can feel harder than ever these days to fulfil that dream of owning your own business. However, this is not something you have to do alone. You might be very pleasantly surprised to learn just how affordable and accessible joining a franchise like CleanMyBed can be, and just how quickly it can help you achieve your ambitions.

The CleanMyBed franchise:

  • Is a low investment opportunity with a starting fee of just £7,850 (for a limited time only!)
  • A low overhead business with no need to expensive premises, staff, or costly equipment
  • Has mass market appeal to both domestic & commercial customers
  • Can be run both full-time, or part-time while you build up your business
  • Has NO competitors on the market thanks to its new & innovative service

For the right kind of person, with the right entrepreneurial spirit, the CleanMyBed franchise is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor with something which is about to take off in a big way.

Are you old enough to remember when you had to look pretty hard to find a good coffee here in the UK? It’s seems strange now, but 30 years ago, you’d be lucky to find a cup of distinctly average-tasting instant coffee in a styrofoam cup, but now coffee shops are everywhere. We expect a huge choice of great coffee, it’s just part of mainstream life now.

A more relevant example might be oven cleaning businesses. A few decades ago, most people just cleaned their own ovens. It was a nasty job, but you just cracked on. Now hundreds of thousands of people use a professional service, and these companies have popped up all over – and make great money, too.

It’s enough to make you think: “Wow. I wish I’d invested in this before it became such a huge deal…”

Well, a CleanMyBed franchise is your chance to do exactly that with the next big thing!

Why has this never been a big thing before, and why is no-one else doing it?

Both great questions, but the answers are actually pretty simple:

  1. Only relatively recently have we become so knowledgeable and understanding about what germs and mites exist in our beds, and the profound effects they have on our well-being.
  2. CleanMyBed is the first business to perfect a system for dealing with this problem which is affordable and accessible to anyone and everyone.
Getting involved with the CleanMyBed franchise now is your chance to tap into a new concept which is about to go sky high.

Ready to get your foot in the door before someone else does?

Then why don’t we have a chat? There’s still lots of availability all around the UK, but I’m not expecting that to last long. We’ve have still got plenty of time to talk about this properly and make sure you understand if this is the right opportunity for you, but I definitely recommend getting the ball rolling soon!

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