Our UK Franchisees

Meet Charlie Mitchell-Heggs
– CleanMyBed franchisee for Sussex

As our first UK franchisee, Charlie is leading the way in bringing our fantastic, new service into a new market.

Charlie joined us in September 2022 and his journey with CleanMyBed is very similar to the one that led us to found the franchise in the first place. His young son suffered from undiagnosed allergies and asthma which continued to get worse as he grew older, eventually leading to a severe bout of pneumonia and hospitalisation.

Once he had recovered, Charlie and his wife began to look into the root causes with a comprehensive allergy test, and discovered dust mites were the no. 1 problem. This, of course, led Charlie to look into ways to help his son, and it wasn’t long before he discovered CleanMyBed. As an experienced businessman with a history in PR and Marketing for several leading brands, he very quickly saw the huge potential our service has as a business model, as well as the obvious positive effects it had on his son’s quality of life.

“This treatment is especially important for families with young children.” Charlie reports. “Not only do they tend to suffer the most from dust mite allergies, but those allergies can be a major trigger for them developing asthma, which I found out from my own experience. This is becoming a big problem in the UK, with around a quarter of all adults and children losing quality of life, a lot of which is down to this build-up in their beds.”

Charlie is set to experience a number of benefits as an early adoptor of CleanMyBed in the UK, including being among the first to bring an exciting new product and service to market and playing a big role in helping us shape the future of the brand. He is very strongly placed to take full advantage of the growing demand in the wellness market as both domestic and commercial customers begin to realise exactly how much our franchisees can do for them.

“I really believe this service has huge potential, and not just for homes. Rental accommodation such as holiday homes and AirBnBs is a huge business in the UK now, but its also a really competitive one. Owners and hoteliers have to work harder than ever to give their places a unique appeal to customers, and a service like this can add a lot of value and help them stand out.”

Like most of our franchisees, Charlie is busy out and about performing the service himself to begin with, but he has big plans to take a more back seat role in the future. As the business grows, he intends to take on a team of operatives all across his territory and focus on management and marketing.

“I’m actually enjoying going out and helping families and small businesses, though eventually I will be passing that side of the franchise onto others. It has been really important for me to understand what is involved in every aspect of the job, not just cleaning beds, but meeting and interacting with clients. Customer service is so important when it comes to earning people’s trust, especially when they are letting you into their homes.”

We’re looking forward to great things from Charlie! We also asked one of his most recent customers for some feedback:

“I’m really glad I booked the CleanMyBed service. I wasn’t sure how beneficial it would be to me at first, but as someone who suffers from bad rhinitis in the mornings, I wanted to do something to help me get a better night’s sleep. However, now I’ve seen just how much dust and debris comes out of what otherwise seems like a very clean bed, it’s a real no brainer! I’m already feeling the benefits.

It was really easy to book the service, too. I just went online and choose a time that worked for me and, two days later, Charlie’s smiling, professional face was at my door followed by some impressive kit. The whole process only took about half-an-hour per bed.

I would definitely recommend it – there’s nothing like knowing you’re sleeping in a really clean bed!”

– Dan, West Sussex

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