How CleanMyBed can help you create the perfect launch for your new business

Very recently, CleanMyBed franchise was thrilled to welcome two new partners, Tony & Diane, to the growing franchise network in Chester. Though it’s still early days, they’re already turning heads in their local community.

Their own efforts have played a huge role in this, of course, but a great deal has also come from the CleanMyBed franchise’s fantastic 100-day Ignition Programme. If you’d like more details about that, just ask and I would be happy to send you some but, in summary, the Ignition Programme is a launch marketing plan put together by the CleanMyBed franchise team.

Based on their experiences of launching new franchisees both here in the UK and the franchise’s native South Africa, it is a comprehensive road map designed to give their new partners the best possible start in their new business. Marketing and PR are a big part of this, of course, and Tony and Diane are really making the most of it.

1 month in, they have already:

1. Sourced and branded their special CleanMyBed van

2. Launched a great social media campaign in the local area

3. Setup their landing page on the CleanMyBed website

4. Carried out a number of demos to get some great testimonials

Check out some of the feedback they’ve already been getting:

“Nothing but good words about Tony and Diane. They came around and were very polite. Whilst cleaning my bed they also explained what they were doing and the reasoning to why they do it so I got a better understanding about the process.

“Had my first night sleep in my fresh clean bed last night and if I’m completely honest at first I was thinking that this bed clean thing won’t make a difference but I was amazed at the fact that when I woke up this morning I had fully slept the whole night through without waking up coughing etc, this is one of the first times I’ve fully slept through the night in a long time!” – Bailey L.

“Absolutely brilliant service today from Diane. Everything was explained to me along the way so I knew what was happening. My children will sleep well on their beds tonight. And, what came out of the mattresses was eye opening.” – Belinda C.

It’s clear that Tony & Diane are off to a fantastic start with the help of the 100-day Ignition Programme, but that really is only one side of the equation. The CleanMyBed franchise has given them the model and the tools they need to make the journey, but taking those all important strides to where they are now has been all down to them and their attitude.

Right from the off, it has been obvious that the couple have a real hunger for success which is driving them forward. They’ve seen exactly how much potential this exciting new brand has in the UK, and have really flown with it.

While the CleanMyBed franchise can offer the right person everything they need to build a successful business, not everyone has what it takes to make the most of this kind of remarkable opportunity.

Do you?

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