Finding out more about the UK’s most exciting new franchise

Since the CleanMyBed franchise launched in the UK a few months ago, interest has been really heating up. A lot of people are really excited about what this franchise offers as a wholly new concept and the potential it has for them as business owners.

Just because it is so new, we decided recently to record a webinar with FranchiseDirect to help everyone understand exactly what it is all about. If you missed it, you can still see it here:

Exclusive CleanMyBed franchise webinar

We started out with a great promotional video from CleanMyBed about how their unique service works, and then dive into a more in-depth chat with co-founder and CEO, Charlie Wright.

Charlie shares a lot of information which you might find incredibly useful. The video is a great opportunity to help you make an informed decision about whether or not to join the CleanMyBed franchise, or simply to learn a bit more about it. However, if you have questions about a particular aspect of the business, I have put some timings down below to help you jump straight to what is most relevant:

You’ll be able to hear some more detailed info on:

  • The story behind CleanMyBed, and why it is so important to the concept (1m 08s)
  • The benefits to customers and the science behind it (5m 42s)
  • CleanMyBed’s huge market potential in the UK (8m 11s)
  • The appeal to large commercial customers, like schools, hotels etc (10m 06s)
  • Learning if you are the right kind of franchisee for CleanMyBed (14m 44s)
  • What you get for your invest in terms of support, training, marketing and territory (19m 08s)
  • How CleanMyBed is expected to grow in the UK, and how customers see it (25m 00s)

We also go on to talk a lot about CleanMyBed’s vision for the future as a franchise, how they help franchisees with streamlined systems and reduce the admin burden, and how a franchisee’s typical day, week and month might pan out.

It really is worth a watch, if I do say so myself! Keep an eye out for some more webinar dates in the near future.

In the meantime, please feel free to get in touch with any questions you have. I am more than happy to go into more detail about anything we discussed in the webinar, and also to cover anything you think we missed!

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I look forward to hearing from you.

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