Looking for the next big thing to invest in? You’ve found it!

Have you ever looked at a product or service which is now a household name and thought: “Wow…I wish I’d gotten in on that when they were starting out!” For example, imagine if you had invested in Zoom just before the pandemic, or even something older, like buying shares in Amazon when it still ran out of a garage in Seattle?

Of course, I’m not saying a CleanMyBed franchise is going to make you the next Jeff Bezos. What I am saying is that this franchise is an amazing opportunity to get your foot in the door early so you can be among the first to offer a new service in the UK – one that is about to take the country by storm.

So, where will you be when this franchise blows sky high?

On the back of their huge success in South Africa, the CleanMyBed team are going all out to expand the franchise in the UK. They are expecting a strong response and rapid results – and for good reason.

While their concept is simple, the CleanMyBed franchise offers huge potential in terms of tapping into the increasingly lucrative UK wellness market with an incredible, never-seen-before service.

There are always advantages to getting in early with any franchise, such as having your pick of territories and being guaranteed extra attention and support from the franchisor, but this one in particular really stands out.

Low cost, low risk, huge rewards

CleanMyBed may still be new in the UK, but it is a concept which has already been tried and tested in South Africa for more than 2 years now, and they have really nailed their business model. They not only offer all the fantastic training and support you would expect from a well-organised franchise, but even offer to take care of all of your scheduling, invoicing and payment collection, too.

With it’s minimal start-up fee, and very low overheads, it is the perfect way to launch yourself as an entrepreneur with a concept and model which is already pre-packaged for you and ready to roll.

Of course, while you still have a chance to get in early, you will be anything but the first to join. They already have a substantial network in South Africa, but also a few who have already started in the UK. For example, check out this case study of a franchisee who joined in 2022:

Meet Charlie Mitchell-Heggs, CleanMyBed Ambassador for Sussex

There’s even a great customer testimonial!

Your first 100 days

As CleanMyBed have been so meticulous in planning how their franchisees can succeed, they have even prepared a 100 Day plan for all new partners which details the exact route you should take to get your new business off the ground.

If you would like to learn more about how the first 3 critical months of a new CleanMyBed franchise will work, please do get in touch. I would be more than happy to take you through it.

If you’re heading to The International Franchise Show at London’s Excel this weekend, you’ll also have the chance to meet one of the founders and chat to them directly. Keep an eye out for us, or get in touch to set up a meeting.

In the meantime, I am always here to answer any questions you have about the CleanMyBed franchise and how it might work for you. You can schedule a call with me any time using the button below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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