Another CleanMyBed territory snapped up! Could your local area be next?

From the moment I started working with the CleanMyBed franchise, I knew this was going to be one of those unique business opportunities that would attract a lot of attention. This month, we’re very happy to be welcoming another franchisee partnership to the team! Tony & Diane, who will be launching their business in Chester in the next few weeks.

Their story is an interesting one, as Diane first came at CleanMyBed from a customer perspective, and recognised the service as one she would very much like to use herself. However, of course, she lives in an area not yet covered by a CleanMyBed franchisee, so it didn’t take her long to realise there was a real business opportunity here.

We’ll be following up some more with Tony and Diane soon to hear about how their first few weeks have gone, so watch this space!

Back in CleanMyBed’s native South Africa, they’ve just signed 5 new areas, including one new business owner who has taken on 3 neighbouring territories. A real vote of confidence if ever I’ve heard one!

For all these newcomers, the CleanMyBed franchise was exactly the opportunity they were looking for. Could it work for you?

Just 2 slots left for the early adopter discount!

The CleanMyBed team are so confident of how well their franchise will work anywhere in the UK that they have been offering a considerable discount: a whopping 25% off the franchise fee for the first 5 new franchisees to join in 2023.

However, with all these new additions, there are just 2 left to claim!

I realise you are probably enjoying a much needed break over the summer holidays, but this breathing space might also be your opportunity to take stock of where you see your future. Don’t forget: we’re here to help. I’m always happy to answer any questions you have about this opportunity, or to send you any more in-depth info you need.

However, if you do want to take advantage of this discount, I strongly recommend you act fast and register your interest now.

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